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Orchestra Group’s mission is to addresses the major roadblocks that make it difficult for CISO, CIO, and their teams to manage cybersecurity.

Harmony IoT is a unique solution that provides airspace dome around your organization to monitor, detect threats and mitigate cyberattacks through the attack surface of WiFi & Bluetooth protocols and smart-connected devices/ IoTs using them. 

Harmony Purple is a next-generation vulnerability prioritization tool (VPT) that continuously showcases validated, global, multi-vector, Attack Path Scenarios™ (APS), so you can focus your red team and blue team’s time and resources on those vulnerabilities that threaten your critical assets and business processes.



VADO Security Technologies develops and markets advanced and innovative one-way data diode solutions, incorporating intelligent security technology. The company’s comprehensive, fiber optic security solutions for protection of sensitive enterprise networks integrate seamlessly with existing network infrastructure. 
Market Need
Struggling to keep sensitive information secured, government defense and enterprises are turning to fiscal network separation. However, these enterprises need to bring in or export information in a safe manner. VADO combines physical separation using the data diode and software agents to enable the communication of one & two way protocols over a one-way physical channel.
Advanced, Fiber Optic-Driven Solutions
VADO Security Technologies delivers a powerful one-way data diode solution, along with simple implementation, application, and integration. Allowing the transfer of:

  • Files & CIFS
  • FTP one way
  • Syslog
  • ANMP
  • SNTP
  • MQ
  • NTP
  • HTTP, and more, all in a one-way manner



Vicarius helps companies to protect critical apps and assets against software exploitation with the world's first all-in-one vulnerability management platform designed for CISOs, MSSPs and IT Admins. Vicarius's powerful solutions ensure regulatory compliance and top-tier, military-grade cyber protection.



AirEye Dome protects and controls your corporate network from digital airborne attacks. Attacks are automatically blocked and sent to the company SIEM, eliminating the need for platform management and alert chasing. The platform seamlessly complements your existing network infrastructure, without the need for architectural changes or messy integrations.
AirEye is a cybersecurity startup founded by cybersecurity veterans Shlomo Touboul (Founder of Shani computers, Finjan, yoggie), Ohad Plotnik (Co founder of Aorato), Amichai Shulman (Co founder of Imperva) and Roi Keren to secure the corporate network Airspace in the current digital airborne crowded world.



Cymptom was founded 3 years ago by Itamar Mizrahi (CTO) and Matan Hart (CEO), who met in the army where they were trained as cyber intelligence specialists, and then continued to work together at CyberArk.

The company is privately owned, based in Tel-Aviv and backed by State of Mind Ventures, with a portfolio that includes a variety of large clients from the Banking, Financial, Telecom and Travel industries. Since 2019 Cymptom has raised a total seed fund of $4M and currently holds 14 employees in R&D, Product, Marketing and Sales and Business Development.

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