Maritime Security & Ports

An attack on an OT network maritime network can have disastrous consequences and lead to injury, loss of life, asset damage or environmental impact. Threats to port operations could lead to shutdowns, port paralysis, sensitive and critical data theft, illegal trafficking, fraud, systems damages, or destruction.  Vessels are increasingly integrated with onshore operations and onboard hardware and sensors are susceptible to data leak from unauthorized access, manipulation and disruption. Vulnerabilities arising from the inadequate operation, integration, maintenance, and design of cyber-related systems open the door to cyber threats as well.

This session will explore some of the main cybersecurity challenges to the maritime environment and ports such as diversity of stakeholders in port operations, old, vulnerable legacy systems, lack of regulatory requirements regarding cybersecurity, the technical complexity of port IT and OT systems, strong interdependencies between port systems and services and external services from other sectors, and new cyber risks resulting from the digital transformation of ports.

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